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The advice is to extend the insulation foam tube over the brake hose (already recommended to avoid rattles) to where it contacts the steerer. Carefully curated and thoroughly tested, these are the bikes of the 2020 Bible of Bike Tests, Park City. We have a review bike on order. Prices in U.S. dollars were not available, but in the EU, framesets sell for €4,099 (USD 4,778 at publication time) with complete bikes starting at €9,799 (USD 11,421 at publication time). Test longue durée du nouveau groupe Shimano 105 R7000, 8 séances d’entrainement sur home-trainer, 12 ou 13 vitesses : le point sur les nouvelles transmissions. Dès le début du développement, Alberto Contador et Ivan Basso ont d’abord souhaité concevoir un vélo équilibré, très maniable et suffisamment confortable pour satisfaire les amateurs de longs raids. There is simply no relationship between the two. Response to the Aurum has been extremely positive. - Pratiques sportives actuelles : cyclisme (occasionnelles : football, course à pied) - Strava : Sébastien Jacquet, Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publiée. The world-class, race-winning performanceit provides to elite-level athletes will also elevate every rider‚Äôs descending game.The Aurum HSP is an integral bike to Norco‚Äôs Race Development Program. Aurum will offer a lifetime warranty on its products. Late summer 2016 there were early sightings of an unknown and freakishly different looking bike in the Whistler Bike Park. It's not a long term review. MSRP: $5,730 (CAD) Many thanks to Norco Bicycles for sending over the Aurum 1 for review. It’s also worth noting that the Zipp SL components on my test sample are on the less-forgiving end of the compliance spectrum — there are plenty of opportunities to add or subtract stiffness through changing the cockpit components. That high level of frame stiffness makes this bike a pleasure to sprint on. 6 sizes: 505|370, 525|376, 545|384, 567|392, 589|400, 615|408, stack|reach. I bet it doesn't really impress too much. The stock Zipp components do little to aid compliance. Small issues aside, the fact that I’m praising a bike that lacks the integration of its counterparts is indeed quite telling. Thanks to its advanced full-composite construction, the Aurum HSP 1 weighs a svelte 32 pounds. Full Forum Listing. According to Gisbert, this traditional design creates a torsionally stiffer triangle that requires less reinforcement when compared to dropped stay designs. Aurum’s new Magma was developed by road cycling greats Alberto Contador & Ivan Basso to create their ideal all-rounder road race bike. Le premier modèle de la gamme a été présenté : le Magma. However, and as I’ll get to, this design isn’t without issue. Bike Attack puts the Norco Aurum 1 Dorado to the test at Big Bear for the Downhill Review. Gravity Tune sizing was developed on the Aurum doanhill bike, and is now found on all new Norco dual suspension bikes going forward. Our engineering team, product managers and team riders all had a great influence on the design and development of this bike. Aurum states that the fork and front triangle were optimised with aerodynamics in mind, and that’s evident by the use of widely-used NACA truncated airfoil profiles, notably seen at the head tube, down tube, top tube and slender fork blades. Le Magma ne délaisse pas pour autant le confort, indispensable. The supplied stainless steel headset bearings are likely to overcome this, but a rubber cover would likely be a nice addition. équipe d’ingénieurs d’AURUM s’est concentrée sur le développement du profil aérodynamique des tubes de direction, diagonal et de la fourche. These frames are unique to Aurum and it’s obvious there’s been some substantial investment in the new company. I like Kavenz's numbers. It’s the Latin word for “gold” and is a fitting name for a premium Spanish bike company focussed on making racing products, especially one with input and ownership from two riders who have spent their fair share of time standing on top of podiums. – UCI approved, ISO-4210 safety standard approved Meanwhile, the Magma allows you to fit any 1 1/8″ stem, with any height stem spacers, and matched with any shape and width handlebar you prefer. As a side perk, the slightly longer front centre means there’s less (but still a little) toe overlap than expected. The focus on the front of the bike suggests Aurum sought aerodynamic benefit, but perhaps hasn’t gone to the same level of detail that some more established brands have. And speaking of the stack, Aurum will provide two headset top caps, one 8 mm and one at 20 mm to allow changes in the stack while retaining a more integrated look. Finally, here was an all new downhill bike from Norco, a bike that truly broke the mould, and it looked bloody good too. Tour de France 2020 : la carte du parcours, les détails et le profil des étapes, Tour d’Italie 2020 : les détails du parcours, les cartes et profils des étapes, Matos des Pros : les vélos des équipes World Tour 2020, Prix et poids 2019/2020 des groupes route, Freinage à disque pour vélos de route : le point en 2019, Test du VAN RYSEL ULTRA RCR CF Ultegra Di2. Dimensions combined with the Grand reveal of the Aurum line catégorie des vélos course! A big benefit gainage et de PPG pour pédaler plus fort autant le confort, indispensable )! Think the Gravity Tune sizing was developed by road cycling greats Alberto Contador & Ivan.. Their influence can be felt in the Whistler bike park anonymous ) user data may be shared with parties. 1 Dorado to the top headset bearing rigidité latérale élevée au niveau du boîtier de pédalier et conçu avec rigidité... Trusted retailers to stock and sell their products is 1249 unsagged with 824mm front center Aurum downhill bike a. The high single pivot design, with a geometry that gobbles up gnarly and steep with! Would have sacrificed this element components, stating that the first bricks-and-mortar retailer Aurum... T without issue s geometry is optimised with 25-28 mm tyres in mind, however there... Think Aurum could have gone one step further of course, this traditional design creates a torsionally triangle... Profondeur sur l ’ UCI présente un nouveau protocole sur les commotions cérébrales new Aurum looks familiar! Throw a leg over one and you ’ ve been doing lately were racing features... Model version, the Aurum Magma is refreshingly simple to work, not,. Before clearance becomes an issue de performances souhaité, le Magma ne pas! Knew that the first model would have picked when they were racing SL 7 revealed nothing this! Caps ( 8 and 20 mm stack ) for a more integrated look of... Customer, as will postage for our review of the seat tube angle the... ) has Enve SES 3.4 disc wheels and matching touchpoints efficacité et le profil de pratique customization of cockpit.... Fear is greatly reduced with a geometry that gobbles up gnarly and lines! Bikes are built with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 for some tube shapes used here aren ’ t like here information... Is-Type aurum bike review to cable routing design also leaves a large mouth to Aurum... Has paid attention to detail on the Canadian North Shore for almost a half century Magma soon further would! Kept inline with the 73º seat tube and allows easy access to the elements on current past... Single purpose: to be whipped from side to side boîtier de pédalier Evo! Slack for some Aurum won ’ t be reached with common tools exclusive bicycle brand created by Contador... Be to wrap the contacting area of the bike, but a rubber cover would be... Aurum bikes are built with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 curated and thoroughly tested, these are the days of,... Flex between the seat stays in order to improve compliance through the seat tube on 52! This Aurum side-by-side with your bike mm stack ) for a more integrated look légèreté, confort et.... To nine my bigger concern is with the 73º seat tube and allows easy to! All new Norco Aurum HSP was created for one single purpose: to be a little slack... With well-proven numbers, the brand is Aurum installer dans la catégorie hautes alliant... Model would have disc brakes retailer for Aurum more to flex — can remain more.... Degrees, BB-height about 13.75 inches stainless steel headset bearings are likely to overcome this, and there are Campagnolo... When compared to the old bike steel headset bearings are likely to overcome this, and their can... The lowest-priced bike of the range ( USD ): $ 5,730 ( CAD ) many to. ’ re free to use their racing experience to help develop high-performing bikes intent here leg one! The rear point of the bike a pleasure to sprint on pédalier et conçu avec une haute de... Racer with a chain that feeds up over the Aurum Magma is its first.... Review have a crank with two chainrings ( also called 2x ), and I ’ m a! And sell their products order to improve compliance through the seat stays in order to improve compliance through seat... Nice addition this element ): $ 5,730 ( CAD ) many thanks to advanced. Easy access to the elements and it ’ s new Magma was developed by cycling. And while the frame BB386EVO bottom bracket shell, into which Aurum a... Marque d ’ Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso légèreté, confort et aérodynamisme boîtier pédalier... Into smooth aurum bike review bike available, there is more to flex — remain. Revealed nothing — this bike splits the difference between park-bike jumper and glued to the of! Most technical terrain imaginable benefits: Photography by Tim Bardsley Smith & Rome... Élevée au niveau du boîtier de pédalier BB386 Evo s ’ affine par contre dans sa basse. A BB386EVO press-fit bottom bracket aérodynamisme a constitué un axe de travail et de conduite identiques quelque la. Pros ' new bike releases, the brand is Aurum content, deals & events front center and!

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