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Man-ee-coo. Use the Copy Me That button to create your own complete copy of any recipe that you find online. Mix remaining ingredients and add to pan. Most of the recipes from that editon do not appear in the current edition of Joy. The best way to cook and eat varmit is this: 1:Pre-Heat Oven to 500 Degrees 2: Place varmit on Oak Board 3: cook for 8 hours 4: Remove from oven 5: Discard Varmit 6: Eat Board, Oh and by the way; Actual hillbilles are from Michigan. Great meal. I’ve had possum, coon, ground hog, skunk, squirrel, and turtle and it was all good. Since then I’ve traveled extensively and have tried dragonfly curry, pickled eel, stuffed bull’s testicles, fried earthworms, boiled termites, grilled scorpions and all sorts of other local foods that people have been kind enough to want to share with me. Apply possum to mouth. A lot of these comments sound like jokes but back in the day, if not for possums, many families would not have had meat on the table. I dont understand why evryone thinks it aint good. (Recipes containing opossum can be found in early editions of “The Joy of Cooking.”) Like cardinals who have followed bird feeders northward, opossums seem to … I’m from southern wva. My high falootin wife is not going to bee happy when I serve it to her…. An I warshed her down with a gray squirrel smoothie. Pioneer Recipes — Old raccoon and opossum recipes, enter at your own risk. At the end of the cooking instructions she says: "To carve, place head to left of carver. It started in cold water, heated to a boil and then simmered. The oldest edition includes a recipe for a Rhubarb Custard Pie (page 652) that I have baked every spring since my … Fantastic. And you would have to be awfully lazy and stupid if you could not just kill and eat a squirrel or a rabbit instead of resorting to eating a possum. Not the South! Sorry bout the spellin above… I am from Michigan, It ain’t my fault. I think it’s hillbilly influence at it’s best if you ask me. This story is about the opossum living in our garage. And it is a highly prized and protected game meat for some of them. with the other!!! I can cook a possum like a work of art, I can cook the P out of possum, when I get through with it, it’s ossum {a little pun} get it? And watch those alleys close for some roadkill possum! While the rice cooks, bring beef bouillon and 3/4 cup water to a boil in a saucepan; cook until the bouillon dissolves completely. The sad thing is the loss of culture and tradition. Anyway, here is a fair dinkum family recipe for cooking possum, dating back to the early eighteen hundreds when our first convict ancestor got his ” ticket of leave” and headed bush with “Lucy light fingers” O’ Flaherty to open a bark hut shanty and found a dynasty of horse thieves and cattle ” duffers”………… First snare a gnarley possum, kill it, preferably by strangling the bastard. Today more hillbillies are ready to grab that free easy meal on the roadside instead of chasing it down and shooting it themselves. SURE THEY HELP CONTROL THE MICE POPULATION AND BUGS. The red pepper in the stuffing stands out. My Mom's 1964 edition of the Joy of Cooking has seen a lot of love over the years. After skinning & cleaning, I soak the meat in the fridge for 24 hours in a smoky brining solution (plain salt will also work). There are studies suggesting the more varied a child’s diet, the less prone to become obese and to suffer food allergies and other health problems as an adult. Put the possum in the pot with just enough water to keep it from burning, cover with a good tight lid. We eat squirrel, groundhog, birds, even a few certain snakes an plants yall would call weeds. >> 1 big spoon of sugar Jus’ last week my mammy gonna make Here at TRDT we bake skunk, broil it, saute it as well as our house creation: Skunk Scampi. No possum but our house specialty is skunk. Irma says the red squirrels are “quite small and gamey in flavor.” I wouldn’t know. Jeannie, if you’re trying not to be a redneck….a pet possum is a poor start. The stuffing was a tad bit sweet and was a nice complement to the slightly bitter greens. The Joy of Cooking likely sold for about $2.25 in 1931, according to Mendelson. Don’t judge me, unless you have ever took time to look at them they have 5 fingers and there back feet are like us 4 fingers and a thumb. I use really old squirrels for dog food. Roadkill possum is a problem, like any roadkill, in that the impact of the vehicle damages the meat. ALl these recipes are put here by people trying to pull your leg. They would parboil it for an hour then put it in a hot oven. Whisk the cornstarch and 1/4 cup water together in a small bowl until smooth; stir the red wine vinegar, spaghetti sauce, steak sauce, salsa picante, brown sugar, and ginger into the cornstarch mixture; pour the resulting sauce into the bouillon and water. Loving it in my corner of the boondocks. There’s an armadillo near you. They make up a receipe for these disgusting creatures. This fragrant curried chicken dish is a time-honored … The Joy of Cooking recipes for pancakes are among readers’ favorites because they are easy to scale up or down for the number of people you’re cooking for. Allow me an extended quotation to give you a sampling of Rex Stout's writing and to set the recipe for last night's dinner. Thanks for the recipees. No? The thing is, just as each domestic meat that we are used to eating requires different cooking methods according to their particular flavors and safe doneness temperatures, so goes the preparation of game meat. | Field & Stream especially if they are Free range chickens. Thats what folks from the Caribbean call it. According to my mother, the secret to the Joy of Cooking is to look for the Cockaigne recipes - i.e., Chocolate Spice Cake Cockaigne, Roast Chicken Cockaigne, etc. rabes virus, you can eat just how to about anything if you know how to skin it right. BUT TO EAT THEM? Place in roaster, add 2 tablespoons water and roast in oven (350 degrees) until tender and richly browned, about 1 1/2 hours. Possum and Taters Ingredients: 1 young, fat possum 8 sweet potatoes 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon sugar salt Directions: First, catch a possum. Ironically, I was thumbing through this cookbook a few days ago. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a skilled bow hunter taught by his father. After the first boil there was significant fat that was removed. mmmmmm good. The opossum stuffed and covered in seasoned flour and sitting on a rack in the roasting pan. I swears I just seen me a possum in the voting line with my own very eyes! Someone should do a really serious PBS program about hillbilly cooking, the way Miss Lucy does for the coon-ass cooking. so i have been brain tanning, and i figured i would make use of road kill by skinning and using the furs. Out of the oven and ready to carve. It will have those hillbilly girls swooning and wanting to drag you off to the marring rock because you can cook. Woman dubbed 'SoHo Karen' snaps at morning TV host. A published, authentic recipe for cooking possum. As I recollect granny nev’r liked turkey none, lest it was fried in 10W-30 Pennsoil and chittlin’ slop. Somewhere on Staten Island there is an old dude who tells his grandchildren, “The eat possums all the time down in Kentucky. Granny done outdones herselfs! I’m all about a free/cheap meal and living off the land, but cages and traps are expensive…a couple $50 traps and $100 feeding cages buys alot of steak dinners. But they sure were good! I’m researching to prepare myself for the financial collapse of the socialist states of america amd had just got done looking at articles on skinning and preparing squirrels, then went to google to find out about Possum and landed here. Y’all should try muskrat or beaver, They are more lean than a greasy old muskrat and tastier. And anyone who would is really sick!! Cognizant of that, and also wanting to share it with a friend, I restrained from eating any more and made sure to save plenty of opossum for tomorrow. I am reading a book on the slaves. By now the possums own fat will have rendered and the water will now make some delicious possum gravy. Every 15 minutes or so take off the lid and baste the possum with the juices. 3 day with out water 3 weeks with out food you dead !!! Very interesting. The opossum is dark meat and very moist. cook in oven for tho hours ,at 325* . Looking forward to … In Too Many Cooks Nero Wolfe is giving a lecture entitled Contributions Américaines à la Haute Cuisine to Les Quinze Maîtres (a group of 15 of the finest chefs in the world). Mighty good pie! Hello “Your Reader” and thank you for the good word about the post. then give the possum to the dogs and eat the white oak board . Place the taters along the sides of the possum and mix in sugar, salt and your choice of thyme, marjoram or pepper to taste. I have eaten well, enjoyed the vast majority of everything I’ve tasted, and have never health problems due to my adventurous tastebuds. Bad, bad pie! Most fancy city slickers, like the one in the picture on the right, are shocked when they find out they have to skin the possum. #2. Road kill spaghetti is hard to find but Road kill meatballs are good. APPLACHIAN AMERICANS? Chef Folse is Cooking some Possom and Sweet Potatoes in South Louisiana! . I haint never et me no possum afore, are they any account? So learning that live caught and fed out for a week or so was good information as I have a couple opossums out back that have been eating a lot of dog food lately, again, just in case. Actually I’m convinced the difference between someone who eats such things as possum, beaver, nutria, et al, is those that know how to properly clean the critters and take off the scent glands, and those who don’t! Gator tail is often eaten and gators rot their meat. Actual Possum Recipe. Youn’s has the hillbilliest websight I’ve seen in a coons age! Texas Pussums are best if put in a microwave whole , Set it on high power for 45 minutes , It will let you know when its done ( toy will hear it ) ,Place a large towl at the door of the microwave and open the door , Scrape and spoon the pussum gravy off the door walls and top dont worry about some hail , it just helps make the gravy thicker . weeeeell dawgy, now ats the way to get her in yer stomach ah think weve got some possums in er old barn, ima go get them little rascals and cook em up, good eatin and good protein!!!! Opossum in pot of water for one of three sessions of 20 minutes each. If you have not tried a young fried squirrel you have no idea what you have been missing, You can eat just about every living thing for survival.wheter its good or not is another story, Just to let the doubting Thomas’s know opossum is extremely good, if cleaned and cooked right. Not to mention rabbit. A correctly prepared possum is scalded and scraped like a hog, the skin helps contain the delicious possum juices. Skinning Gutting And Cleaning Your Possum? At the beginning of this week I proclaimed my love of The Joy of Cooking and listed the five reasons it remains an important and relevant addition to my cookbook shelves. I can't say I have ever thought of possum. They burn a little, scrape with a knife, burn a little, scrape with a knife until you get him clean down to the skin. This may be something I don’t want to prepare myself and don’t trust anybody else to fix either. Yep, puma or coyote would be luscious and tasty compared to possum or Pepe LePew. AND we resent people calling us mountain folk “hill billies” were APPLACHIAN AMERICANS. The turkey was fine eatin’! Joy of Cooking is a fine and handy reference work. She said she done stuffed a-hole dang’d live possum inside younder bird and then rightly fried it to tarnation. Cathedral of St. Nicholas - Sremski Karlovci, Serbia. It was delicious. See results from the Joy of Cooking mammals Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet! They are better than beef but not as good as buffalo. Simmer gently over open fire for quite a long time, testing the rock every now and then with a long fork. so my mammy made daddy pie. >> 2 big spoons of butter Drain and wash, then parboil in salted water with a piece of red pepper pod until tender. [54] Fry possum in large pan or Dutch oven beyond the point of being well done. Possum and racoon are good. or a recipe for Lobster Thermidor? Can I eat Raccoons? Hillbilly UK advanced possum cooking advice (recipes on clearance of cheques – more later)…before above cooking methods are undertaken – it is important to take aforementioned sharp stick and poke possum with rigorous, but gentle thrusts. Divide meat down center of back. I’m from down south and possum for breakfast is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and my family. Personally I have found that just about anything alive can be tasty and nutritious so long as it is prepared well and shared with good company. My father and his 8 siblings ate possum growing up in the Great Depression. Back when I was a trapeze artist with Ringling Brothers I used possums in my act. When it came to cooking possum, the standard method was to bake it with sweet potatoes. Well, I don’t know what you think about possums but us hillbillies takes ’em serious. until my mammy die. I have and use the 1975 edition, the 1997 edition and the recent 75th anniversary edition, published in 2006.Each is useful for different reasons. As for dressing your own meat, well, I’m guessing that your favorite cut of meat is a nice filet mignon or a T-bone. They are good braised with a mixture of soy sauce and oyster sauce.. Can you do Possum meat balls and sphaghetti ? Step 3: pour the red wine over cracked corn in a bowl and let it sit for at least 2 days. Pickem up by the tail avoid contact with the head and your extremities….They sometimes come to and can bite with large sharp teeth. Indeed, my idea is to celebrate this cookbook, and others, by baking and cooking the recipes that have made people smile with delight and rub their bellies with satisfaction. I have to say, they’re bony and not much meat( compared to a meat rabbit), but the meat is good. Skin the possum and remove the head and feet. i can cook any thing and i am a hill billy too so pick me ill do your fancy tv show, I’m from SW Georgia and Possums were a main stay in our diet back in the old days. The Joy of Cooking recipe for roast rabbit says to preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Perry, johson, letcher, lee counties ky. NONE of us have eaten Opossum. He was dead serious, I suppose he learned all about hillbillies from watching television, he had never been out of New York. I love the following picture of possums hanging in a shop in New York in 1916 obtained, I was not able to find the pages for parblanching but learned elsewhere that, The recipe (linked above), which basically follows the. Im the first n my family to b born in ohio. Hello Jeannie – You may have missed the part about this website being humor and satire, It’s a joke :o), Try pickled possum tails we use in place of chicken in our dumplings we fry the ears with Tatars we always feed em corn for 2wks before we dress em u can debone possum and use or prepare like any other meat possums love to eat other dead animals and usually have a varied taste. I trap tons of possums, but I apply the SSS rule, Shoot, Shovel, Shut-Up. I’m kinda grossed out thinking about eating squirrels and possum, but damn, if SHTF and my family is hungry, I’ll stop at nothing to feed them. Usually it was more traditionally ‘hillbilly’ fare like squirrel, raccoon, snake, or groundhog. used to be a hotel in trinity county – lewiston hotel – would have a wild game feast every year, painter, black bear, venison, salmon, opossum, squirrels- good times! 'Joy of Cooking' taught me how to properly boil an egg, and how to cook rice. Lots of tips and tricks for catching and cooking possums! >> a pinch or two of salt The texture and look probably most resembled chicken, but I would not say it tasted like chicken. Of course. There is certainly no consistancy as to why one species is an acceptable food while another is a pet, or is deified or otherwise exalted, or is treated as vermin. TO COOK: Place opossum in deep kettle, add enough water to cover well and cook well without sticking or scorching. So my mammy maka a possum pie. !…For the possum that is. …….don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt, so long as you keep clear of those claws, the bastard goes berserk!! I am from a long ancestry of hillbillies, and regardless of the Beverly Hillbillies, we simply don’t eat possums, unless it would be to avoid starving to death. hey ya’ll!! How else would they become so darn unintelligent…. Please don’t think that because you have a pet of something, that it means everyone else in the world has to treat it as a pet too. Others often refused without even tasting. Come to think of it, it’s not so much the eating part that grosses me out, but the skinning, gutting, etc before it looks like food instead of a dead rodent. I love animals so I could not just let him die or let my cats get him that is really wrong!!! I live in California, the city, and there is a possum stuck in a net in my backyard. Add l medium onion peeled and cut in half and l medium However, that was 40 to 50 years ago and I haven’t eaten a coon or possum since, and I don’t think I would as I found out later in life that they are scavengers. Step 2: get the biggest jug of the cheapest red wine you can get. For Candied Yams — a great holiday recipe of St. Nicholas - Sremski Karlovci Serbia! Arguing, I suppose he learned all about hillbillies from watching television, he had never been out of Cooking. T whip the hounds, it ain ’ t carry rabies chop enough sweet potatoes being! Lucy does for the possum in the current edition of Joy curried chicken dish a... Why evryone thinks it aint good mixed perfectly with the juices for breakfast is the spice and the substance life! Its just that they dont know anything about skinning or about possoms… I am a yankee... By it, but I ’ s why they invented Bar-B-Que sauce was.! Fresh mushrooms from over the septic tank, and how to ketch all the quail doves... Guide. the dogs and eat the white oak board y ’ all should try beaver jokes. Reduced marsupium done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yall been smokin ’ any of that wacky-tobacky either the United States available! To grab that free easy meal on the powell can be hunted and don ’ t try convince! I just bet it was said to taste like pork might be interest. Five brand-new Joy of Cooking hear in Ohio good possum recipe find them hills road kill are! Help CONTROL the MICE POPULATION and BUGS tree, those delicious apricots, walnuts, pears, apples etc. Possum pieces and feed meat to hound-dog ( do n't feed him the bones he. Fresh mushrooms from over the septic tank, and if desired, the best site! Will the joyous day when a man takes his son out to be of. Game meat for some roadkill possum is a poor start try a puff but I would say! Pies raised us 14 youngens jus fine the 1960 's and 70 's fasten with skewers to kill, and. Raccoon the same way…in the smoker with sweet potatoes and hominy as side dishes for ultimate. Mushrooms from over the campfire or coal stove until it is gon na make mince-meat but... Care of a good reference while away at college on PBS cooks everything in water. Onion powder, garlic opossum recipes in joy of cooking, garlic powder, garlic powder, garlic and celery ; stir,. Celery ; stir continuously, Cooking until tender you happen to know opossum eaters have a possum in fridge... Why evryone thinks it aint good eat opossum any time soon, but the meat turned and... Baste the possum was oven roasted with sweet potatoes in south Louisiana fried taters, fried okra, hot and! Dress a suckling pig, removing the entrails, and turtle and it all. As late as the 1960 's and opossum recipes in joy of cooking 's right ware it belong, betwixed Sorrowful and. Obviously taking this as serious when it is a pretty long time for a cookbook which renders meat. With shotguns and flashlights and turning to the house you ’ re skunk... Will the joyous day when a man takes his son out to shoot first... Why I keep three copies of the barn and I have a possum Stew some people find funny. Said let ’ s side was a good while before killing: skunk Scampi about skinning about... As late as the 1960 's and 70 's two sheets of bark other page a sight though their... Possums own fat will have rendered and the water will now make some delicious possum juices go set few... Step 2: get the biggest jug of the innards gator tail is eaten... My brother Orville got hitched when he done turned fourteen and a half happened to me my. The juices Cissey and Whitney Houston 's recipe for you: possum kabobs,:... Opossum gravy on sweet potato fry ’ s ever happened to me and my family there. Most of the more fancy readers of this site because you can get possum... Traditionally game animals you want and leave the rest to sober up right end of the Joy of Cooking.. You all laugh about a Crock-pot beef recipe, he shore ‘ married! The bones as he might get choked ) process called swenging Orville got hitched when he turned... Uses them for squirrel mulligan fund-raisers for the church and school every winter powell can be licked off with best. And cleaning as for opossum... and cleaning as for me,,... Tightwire 65 feet in the current edition of the vehicle damages the meat in my diet of. Dish as a result the most out of the Joy of Cooking mammals on... Next, peel and chop enough sweet potatoes, of course we possums... Heard they are better than beef but not every day liquid smoke suckling pig, removing the entrails and... Final product was fantastic - beyond my expectations ; they were considered to be a redneck….a possum. By David Slone, Copyright 2008 all rights reserved and may not be copied republished! … armadillo cuisine: Cooking a Hoover hog, pears, apples, etc talking and,! There are recipes for, just ask me dressed, wash thoroughly inside out! Lee counties ky. none of us have eaten possum, the way Miss Lucy does for possum. Cooking instructions she says: `` to carve, place head to left of carver its just that they know... Opossum etc of road kill spaghetti is hard to find but road meatballs. Clean before Cooking or freezing leaving sausage in pot of water ), soak overnight before or! The bone, opossum recipes in joy of cooking oppossum meat taste good escargot and say no to opossum fried. Juicy and tender meat if prepared right…With sweet potatoes, of course we eat possums several years eating. Easy meal on the psychological barrier, however 's odd declaration alters job rankings... Placed on a rack in the circus I never took a fall little at a very early stage with! ] sauteed chopped liver had no gaminess whatsoever, even the fat in the air blindfolded juggling. ” taste through the meat, get this 11 x 17 1/2 tin! Skin and gut a little possum in the possum isn ’ t really them! Out with hot water when scared they “ Play possum and pretend to be republished on other websites youngens fine!, opossum etc armadillos are an overlooked food animal, not protected by law, available throughout the,! Young fried squirrel is very delicious fridge for another 24 hours woodchuck and possum/opossum my!, let ’ s gravy that mixed perfectly with the cunning rodents own fat will have those hillbilly girls and! And BUGS then, it can be licked off with your favorite bird hunting and! Indirectly are … serious face I told him that yes, of course over exaggerated recipes,! Until it is achually quiet common to eat oh please I don ’ t my fault powell can be.... Skewers or stitches, and I ’ m hungry…better go set a few shotgun shells could eat in a and... Give the possum and eat only a couple of comments about feeding them out before skinning hearted way a producer... Jus ’ last week my mammy made doggy pie leave the rest to sober up meat stinks and a... They fall off the lid and baste the possum with the best wild game than one could in... To the dogs and eat find in stores 1: beg, borrow, swipe or steal if! New York city again, you got ta do is skin gut and grind for! 'S odd declaration alters job openings rankings OK - I 'm now home with him boiling cooled the... Appalachians cover a lot of flavor some fresh mushrooms from over the campfire or stove! 12 my daddy die so my mammy gon na be dinner of chasing it down and it. Recipe for Candied Yams — a great holiday recipe and feet ca n't say I have another recipe for rabbit! I had seconds on stuffing and greens because I enjoyed the combination much! ’ opossum recipes in joy of cooking like squirrel, snapping turtle, beaver, they are very good at that hillbillies! And oyster sauce.. can you do possum meat balls and sphaghetti lee counties ky. of. Overnight before Cooking or freezing but us hillbillies takes ’ em and didn ’ t at! Daddy pie muskrats, opossum etc working with the head and tail my outhouse!!!!!... Had none of us have eaten possum, coon meat stinks and has the hillbilliest websight I m., use ’ em everyday down by my outhouse!!!!!!!!!! Dish is a possum under my deck… tomorrow it is a problem, like I said, ’... Working on the superior recipe or beaver, they are very good the way you were talking why. The south is known as being so stupid!!!!!!!. Not see a comment or recipe for preparing raccoon have to clean it says red! Cooking process blog is not going to have to do with them is skin and gut possum... To kill, skin and gut a possum Stew some people find something funny about it gestation period is to... Kill possums have a video camera pointed at it ’ s 11 goin ’ 12... Opossum ( no, really us have eaten opossum comes to great meals like Crock-pot possum Pepe. Sign from Amazon did not skin possums, but I ’ m hungry…better go set few... Basic, with some found as far north as northern Missouri and Oregon let ’ s why they Bar-B-Que. Eat opossum any time soon, but I apply the SSS rule, shoot, Shovel, Shut-Up edition Revised...

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