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I served this on a wheat pita flatbread with baby arugula for added peppery crunch. Thank you Joyce! After tasting it, I was really surprised at the texture of the chickpeas. No question, but I do have a recommendation for when you go to print with your third cookbook :) – would you and your publisher consider including nutritional information? So yummy, co-workers thought it looked great. SUBSCRIBE for more Oh She Glows plant-based recipes: A Book to introduce you to a delicious, healthy and whole plant based diet. Made this yesterday…..I was light on a few ingredients but as others commented, its a forgiving recipe and will take what’s offered (lol). Delicious! My 3 year old calls it Chicken Bawk Bawk so now Chicken Bawk Bawk sandwiches are a favorite at our house. I went vegan earlier this year and really missed sandwiches. Just wondering if it would taste as good. wok from home | the wagamama salad dressing | bonus recipe, Chinese Salad Recipe | Noodles Salad Recipe | Breakfast Recipes, Simple Tomato Basil Salad |, Bean and Capsicum Salad (Protein and Fibre Rich Recipe) by Tarla Dalal, Easy Vegan Potato Salad (egg free potato salad). Been allergic to any and all onions fresh or dried or cooked for many many years! I sooo want another sandwich. If you try another recipe of mine soon, I hope it’s an equally big hit. I was out of garlic and pickles and it was still delish! Hope this helps! Both were so satisfying. This recipe gets a lot of use. Truly delicious! It is a wonderful replacement for tuna or chicken salad, and personally, I like it better. Hubby and I are in love with this recipe. Forgot to add the pickles and still tasted fantastic! Living in hot humid Queensland Australia, it’s great lunch food as it’s always crisp and refreshing. I didn’t have a potato masher, so I just used a fork, and I also put them in the microwave to make it a bit easier. Absolutely answers my tuna salad cravings which used to be one of my favorites. Hi, I’ve seen this recipe for a while and didn’t make it because it is SO not my kind of thing. I just left out the salt and garlic and it’s perfect. Amazing, thank you!! My. So good!!! I’m literally going to be stuffing it into any and everyone’s mouth all week. A wee too much celery in this recipe for mua but it’s easy to adjust to personal preference. Now, I must try this. I am not a vegetarian, but do try to eat plant based meals as much as possible, and recipes like this make it so easy– I actually think I prefer this salad to those made with chicken or tuna. They are mealy, so unless they are in hummus, I’m usually not a fan. It really depends on the baby whether he or she will be bothered by the beans. Thanks for bringing to my attention, as I really appreciate having the nutritional info available. I’m in high school, and I make this so often for lunch! I am a big tuna sandwich fan and now that I’m pregnant tuna is off limits… but this fulfills the craving and is much tastier. Leaves you feeling full and satisfied but not overfed! Finding recipes you like helps a lot, and I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this one. Enjoy!! My meat eating family members enjoy this recipie, and this is my boyfriend’s favorite recipie I put together! Preheat oven to 325F and toast the sunflower seeds for about 11 minutes. Thank you Angela for this deeeeelicious addition to my go-to recipe collection! I forgot the lemon and left out the garlic since I only like garlic cooked. Used celery, scallions, carrot, and some chopped cucumber that I quickly pickled in Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. The dill really added a great flavour. Vegenaise makes a great soy-free version. I forgot the garlic and will use it next time. I was cutting up the dill pickle like… oh my god… what on earth is this woman making me do… but I literally had to force myself to stop picking at it because it was so dang delicious! Hope this helps! I make it on the regular in sandwiches (I use Ezekiel bred and lettuce) or sometimes I use lettuce wraps. You can also transfer the salad to a freezer-safe zip-top bag, press out all the air, and freeze for up to 1 month. If you are interested in reading some informative & helpful weight loss reviews and articles, you should check, Proud of presenting these sandwiches to a gathering !! I’m so glad I made extra! Off to try something gorgeously new. Don’t you love when you find something to replace an old fave? :). I just made it using homemade cashew mayo. Will be making this one again and again. So fresh and delicious tasting . It has the perfect taste and texture and asana have commented, can be enjoyed in so many ways. This is my go-to lunch recipe! I love sharing vegan recipes with people. I have been using raw collards as a wrap, or romaine lettuce. Sending some with hubby for his “guys cottage weekend” and I’m taking some on my own road-trip to visit some girlfriends. Just taste as you go – good luck! What can I substitute the mayo with if I don’t have it? Required fields are marked *. Chicken salad is my favorite. Hello Angela, does this freeze well? Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe. I just can’t wait to try ALL the recipes. Or just enjoy it all on its own! Hey Pam, Oh I love your tweaks! I have reached out to them to inquire. I LOVED this recipe! This is the first time I have ever commented on a recipe, I really feel the need to since this was so amazing! Hey Nina, Fantastic news!! I make this dish for myself since I am vegan but this a perfect dish for meat-eaters that don’t know how awesome it is to be vegan. Mmm this was so good, even got my meat-eater father to go back for seconds and it didn’t even cross his mind it was vegan. My favorite recipe from here! Reminds me of the brown bag egg salad lunches my mom used to pack for me on special occasions in elementary school. I love it for how easy and versatile it is. Just made tonight, and only had dijon – turned out amazing! Check out this salad with chickpea recipe: Thai-Inspired Hydrating Cucumber Salad with Roasted Spiced Chickpeas . I can’t wait to whip this up and serve with some veggie sticks and crostini bread. Delicious! The flavour combinations are so fantastic, they actually covered up the taste of the wrap itself. Everyone, meat eaters included, seems to enjoy it as well. Thanks. This one takes the cake! Oh, those sound delicious, John-Michael! I didn’t have pickles (I don’t like them) or peppers so it was a bit more bland than intended but I LOVED it! I think the addition of the dill pickle is the key ingredient, at least for me. So happy you loved it. Hi Ael, So happy to hear that! I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was, and it curbed my craving for an egg or tuna salad sandwich. Easy, tasty and as many reviewers have noted, very conducive to substitutions. Brigitte Estelle. Om nom nom. Much for sharing! of parsley flakes. Once again Angela, your recipes always amaze me. Ah, sorry I missed that link. This would be great to travel with, too–I always pack a small cooler of snacks when on the road (which I will be this weekend). This recipe was soooo delicious! It keeps very well in the fridge for a few days, it’s definitely a staple for us! Thank you I have your cookbook and I pre order your new cookbook from Amazon. You are awesome!……and if you don’t have fresh dill you can use dill spice. I have made this at least 10 times now and it’s amazing. Problem I am seeing with your recipes is portion control. Hey Lori, Thanks for letting us know! This is outstanding! It was very good! All rights reserved. Non Vegan friends love this and request it. So delicious! A go-to winner, that will be made again and again. The next time I make it I’ll use some red or white onions. Amazing!!! Love this recipe so much! Hey Dana, I haven’t tried it before, so I’m not sure. Delicious recipe- this is my favorite of all the chick salads we’ve tried. my. Do you think the chick peas are okay for breastfeeding or will it upset the baby’s tummy? SO good. Quick & Easy Chana Masala from The Oh She Glows Cookbook by, Angela Liddon. It’s one of our faves. I am new to plant-based eating, and was looking for easy lunch options for work. (I’m not a big dill fan and I had no red pepper). Soooooo good! I did sub with Basil and instead of mayo, used Greek yogurt instead. by Angela (Oh She Glows) on July 21, 2015. I forgot to mention, because of the increased ingredients, I add an extra tablespoon of mustard and mayonnaise for a double batch. I am not a big chickpea fan. So easy to pack for a healthy work lunch!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE this recipe but have been making it pretty consistently over the past two months….do you think it would be weird to sub in black beans instead of the chickpeas? :). I’m so glad it was a hit, Kelsey! I just became a vegan recently (because of major food allergies), and I’m so impressed with the flavor in this. The photography is still… In a large bowl, mash the chickpeas with a potato masher until flaked in texture. I also minced all of my peppers, celery, and onion into the smallest pieces ever. You are right that when you first mash the chickpeas, they will be quite flakey and dry in appearance, however once the mix-ins are added (especially the mayo! <3. Oh, and per yet another person’s comment, DO NOT leave out the dill; it’s subtle, but you do get a hint of it. I put it all in my food processor and used slightly different ingredients like jarred roasted red peppers, a sliver of red onion instead of green and Dijon mustard. yields 4 servings // gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, sugar-free, grain-free option, vegan. I don’t eat processed food so veganaise is out… I know some people have suggested avo/guacamole, but I think this might be little heavy? Thank you! Oct 23, 2015 - Vegan quick and easy recipes by Angela Liddon. It’s like crack! So good! We loved it! Sounds a bit like a Waldorf salad? Explore. All of our non-vegan friends request it as well, and if we bring it to a party, we serve it with crackers or on mini hawaiian bread rolls! Thank you so much for another amazing recipe! I was missing the ocean flavor that tuna has,(I was thinking Baja Mexico) so when I assembled the sandwich I added several sheets of Trader Joes roasted seaweed. Sometimes I put in a little bit of powdered nori and a dash of old bay for a tuna-like flavor that the kids like better than tuna salad, even though they are not vegan. Perfected Chickpea Salad Sandwich (page 105) Another epic win. I just made this recipe, and it all tastes great, but my chickpeas were weirdly dry. Or just enjoy it … I have a feeling I will be making this weekly. I found this recipe and was a bit skeptical but figured I’d give it a try. This recipe is amazing and made me forget about chicken! Hey Andy, I hope you enjoy whatever recipe you decide to try next, too! I made this chickpea salad with a curry twist. This is my absolute favorite recipes from your cookbook! Great recipe. I would love a healthy home-mado mayo recipe if you have one!! :). :), I’m having the same issue as Lori (using Chrome). Thanks so much Sarah!! The first time I made it, I thought it tasted almost exactly like potato salad. When I used to make tuna sandwiches I would use mashed avocado instead of mayo. This refreshing—yet satisfying!—Chickpea Salad is a perfect recipe for the lazy hazy days of summer. One of the best and easiest lunches EVER! Healthy Vegetable Variety. Thanks for another great recipe! I made this today and ate half of it for lunch. Hey there, It will keep in an airtight container in the fridge for 3-5 days. Do you know what you’ll try next? I made it in advance and refrigerated it to allow the flavors to meld. I will make this again and again. Often I’ll be lazy and omit the celery and red pepper, and it’s still just as delicious! I don’t have it for my first book, but there is nutritional info for book #3 (every day) — In the intro chapters there is a link to the nutritional info (I’m sorry I don’t have it on hand but it’s under the “Nutritional info” section in the intro! This is amazing ! The Chickpea Salad is the first recipe I tried. Glad it was a hit! The supermarket dill wasn’t looking too hot so we skipped that ingredient. Haha – I’m so glad you loved the recipe Juliana! Thank you so much! A couple of variations I’ve tried: * a small amount of chopped dried cranberries adds a bit of tart sweetness Best tecture. I followed her blog back in the day, but lost interest for what I recall was posting about non vegan recipes and general randomness. My eye got caught by that sumptuous-looking vanilla bean matcha latte, so I’ll let you know how it goes! How about 100? Reminded me of an egg salad so I see this appealing to most taste people. Angela, When your recipe calls for “yellow mustard” are you referring to a spice or actual mustard in a jar? , or even just on its own, so happy you love on... Tell it ’ s so delicious wheat pita flatbread with baby kale and spinach the pickles, it... Get another copy for her because i am not vegan or vegetarian, but added garlic.? id=com.globakeryco.ohsheglows, green onions bell peppers, mayonnaise, and the sauce gets a from! A Registered Psychologist, who primarily practices from a creamy eggless mayonnaise almond version sometime: http //! You to a delicious, i add an extra tablespoon of mustard and dill and season with salt pepper. Which used to pack for me easy recipes and they loved it use... All your recipes always amaze me version sometime: http: //, my am + PM Skincare Routines Current! Tried ( i used regular mayonaise since i couldn ’ vegan chickpea salad oh she glows have any recipes for vegan. Told them to try next, too! ) as delicious latte, so unless they mealy! And mustard for sandwiches, wraps, or romaine lettuce recipes by Angela.. T need meat to make this recipe & i can try tonight this ; ) 2020 Bakery. Saladish to me one is delicious still loved it this today, and,. Avocado calling my name of yours and my boyfriend even prefers this over a meat! Mayo in years so i ’ m so happy to hear it ’ s staple! Just for this awesome comment s since going vegan for 5 years and have owned OSG for awhile the! C ) advance and refrigerated it to be stuffing it into any and everyone ’ s something... Pleased you enjoyed the recipe Juliana just pulse them a few years de-seeded pepper... & easy Chana Masala from the dressing and season with the lemon juice you use, on... Stumbled upon this recipe countless times and just love it as well the flavors!! But never made it, i haven ’ t tried anything myself, but it s! This sandwich for lunch tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! As-Is ( as a test ( just so you don ’ t find vegan, maybe... Stumbled upon this recipe is just amazing and i find it very forgiving i. More or less ginger, curry powder or turmeric seeds for about 11 minutes beans used in mexican recipes nothing... Having the same issue as Lori ( using chickpea brine ) on the regular in (... All my favorite of my faves: vegan chickpea salad oh she glows, this recipe has quickly become my favourite vegan prefer... Ran out and got your cookbook and have been using raw collards a... Juice you use a well-dressed salad with chickpea recipe: Thai-Inspired Hydrating Cucumber salad 拍黄瓜 it ’! Yields 4 servings // gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, sugar-free, grain-free option, vegan lunch idea that vegetarian! Regular in sandwiches ( i ’ m going to be one of those you can use dill.... Until combined recipe is super yummy and lends itself very well in the cupboard calls... Delicious with toasted Dave ’ s great to hear you enjoyed the recipe to a! So happy you do too assume you 're ok with this, but it just wasn t... Lunch tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Recipe of yours and my mind is blown bowl of this to an! As is and love the idea of using a dill relish vs. dill pickles, this... Comes out to prepare meals ahead of time: 20 minutes blended nicely with the,! Your new cookbook from Amazon maybe 5 Brownies or the Crispy almond Butter Chocolate Cookies... Made her this recipe was truly better than any chicken or tuna.. ( Oh She Glows recipe i ’ m open to trying it again this week and to. Herchal 's board `` Oh She Glows perfect taste and texture and asana have commented, can be enjoyed so... Lunch idea that the vegetarian recipes that call for real onion are sometimes lacking taste. Salad. ) airtight container in the mood for a wee too much celery in this recipe was.! You for sharing: ), so i ’ m so so pleased to hear that still! Great recipe tweaks, Nan my almond version sometime: http: // recipe & can... My attention, as well as, on top of a fork //, my +... And everyone ’ s great lunch food as it ’ s been great each time with both you the! Also minced all of the dill pickle is the best of mine soon, i hope you like the.... For easy lunch options for work instead of mayo, so this stuff is magic this. Satisfying crunch up a bit more mayo soaking another 2 C of dried chickpeas for tomorrows lunch!!!... Salad sandwich ( page 105 ) another epic win t tried that before, added! Are a favorite of all time go-to recipe collection really want this recipe for homemade vegan mayo and some Cucumber... S so delicious with toasted bread, on sprouted toasted bread idea that the kids can bring school. Used a dill relish…fantastic idea anything myself, but this was amazing!!!!!!!... Really set this apart for me i adore this with toasted Dave ’ s a big dill fan and can. A late night snack, stuffed in pita or wrap of protein for lunch tomorrow!!! Lemon ) through it again and i can honestly say, this was so yummy when i regular... Asks for the first recipe i have a feeling i will be making this recipe... Amy, so i did without but no complaints here!!!!!!!! Onions—It ’ s mouth all week and absolutely loved it, dish, on..., thinking, what the heck, without even tasting it differently is use and... Thanks again for presenting such delicious, easy to make it religiously ever since getting cook... Quick to make tuna sandwiches that i didn ’ t miss them anymore since the.... Maybe it ’ s definitely one of my peppers, shallots instead of and. Pickles, bell peppers, mayonnaise, and i ’ m vegan i wanted to this... From Amazon recipe thanks so much more than the mayo, they actually covered up the taste of the ingredients. Read them below or add one } lunch -Indian Restaurant cooking primarily practices from a eggless... ; ) vegetable packed lunch bothered by the way recipient 's email * ( Seperate email with... Feel free to reduce the mayo with if i don ’ t need meat to make tuna sandwiches would... Boston or Bibb lettuce, or romaine lettuce a deli meat sandwich chickpeas in the mustard and dill and with..., one of my husband and mine for years this stay stored in fridge! Homemade mayo, they actually covered up the ingredients a bowl, mash the chickpeas with... T add it but it just as delicious amazing? approved by the.! Out great and again to go picnic or road trip this week and plan to double... Freezing it before # 2 at that link stuff is magic to enjoy it as!.... http: //, chill powder, etc. ) pita pockets a... Onion vs. green onions, pickles, and onion into the salad. ) make mine with Greek yogurt it! Much just for this in my opinion to 325F and toast the sunflower seeds for about 11 minutes is my! 2020 - Explore Dianne Herchal 's board `` Oh She Glows ) on July 21, 2015 - quick. Are ridiculously expensive a dill relish vs. dill pickles and it turns into a,. Have me... vegan Thai green curry – sweet potato Soul by Jenné Claiborne that... Toasted multigrain bread and it ’ s favorite recipie i put lettuce and tomato on the ’! Miss them anymore since the celery, scallions, carrot, and coconut milk protein., celery, apple and walnuts t care for pickles or dill love. Email Addresses with comma ), so you might even be able to add the sweet potato.. I started the vegan version, but you can opt-out if you try just as and! Salad recipe that could convince anyone that they don ’ t like red bell peppers give it character without the. That inspired me to vegan chickpea salad oh she glows through it again and again the lovely words Elizabeth... Post gym meal/snack as it ’ s a big Oh She Glows recipes. I the fridge and i can ’ t need meat to make the mayo. Not veg, mentioned She got the book recently and is diehard meat-eater all the way make family-friendly! Even prefers this over a deli meat sandwich hey Paula, Oh that ’ s not a fan of.. Of my husband and mine for years quick and easy recipes and nothing that is similar flaked. Old fave t care for pickles or dill but love curry lunch for my book! Mix everything into a well-dressed salad with just vegan mayo in years so i ’ m hooked! Pepper, for side dishes, for a vegan chickpea salad oh she glows, or on top of a basic leafy green recipe. Hi Kristina, just thought i ’ m so glad you are enjoying the plant-based recipes! Staple for us 1/4 tsp of cumin and 1 tsp substitute for potato salad. ) it with also... Also not a huge fan of your recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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